Consulting / Services

I provide following services:

  • sofware development;
  • consulting on sofware development.

Software development principles

Detail descripion of services

  • Upgrade .NET projects to newer version .NET Framework version;
  • Install TFS server on-premises or cloud, choose, configure, migrate TFVC or GIT source control;
  • Building software development / deployment infrastructure;
  • Improving .NET projects, Microsoft SQL Server performance;
  • Improving .NET projects code quality and maintenance through code change and code refactoring;
  • Maintaining existing .NET projects and implementing new features;
  • Providing end-to-end solutions;
  • Keen on details for providing  maximum value for your business and customers;
  • Providing consultations for your developers for best development practises, helping to make long-lasting right decisions on complex cases;
  • It is high probability, what I can help on not mentioned here topic.

For consulting or other services, please contact me through contact form. Thank you in advance.

Starting or expanding software development business in Lithuania? 

Look no more. Hire me and my team of very highly skilled software development professionals with proven extensive experience in following services.

  • Custom software development, enterprise quality and complexity solutions based on .NET technologies;
  • Excellent communication skills – business requirements collection, analysis, estimation, implementation, maintenance.
  • We can handle any complexity or size project.

Why hire our team instead of individual developers?

  • Each member of the team has more than 5 years experience of developing custom enterprise software solutions;
  • Members of the team supports strong work ethics and excellent communications skills inside the team, teaching and helping each other, this way, we can provide more quality in shorter time span;
  • Members of the team, spend hours every week to learn new software skills, technologies and keep up with the software developement industry;
  • We are team of self-managers and self-motivated professionals;
  • Together we can focus on building high quality custom enterprise software solutions instead of managing people;
  • We are team who value quality, time and trust.

We are open for opportunities to cooperate and we would like to know more about your company situation, challenges and business domain. Please wait no more, write me through contact form and I believe we find a solution for collaboration to build next success story for your company.

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