Why learn and use Windows Powershell

Windows Powershell is great task automation and configuration framework for Microsoft Windows platform. As for software development, it is perfect for implementing deployment processes, like continuous integration or delivery. Moreover, it can be used in many more scenarios (backups, manage file system sources, configuration). For software developer, to learn and use Powershell is, no doubt, valuable skill to acquire.

Here are some framework capabilities:

  • Manage file system resources;
  • Manage Internet Information Services (IIS);
  • Manage Microsoft SQL Server;
  • Manage Microsoft Windows, SharePoint, Exchange servers;
  • Manage Windows Active Directory Services;
  • Manage Windows Azure;
  • Connect, manage and execute remote resources;
  • Even extend functionality with .NET Framework programming languages.

For more in depth information here are some books on the topic:

More and more Microsoft software solutions can be configured and managed with Powershell. It can be wise decision to learn framework concept, features and usage scenarios.

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