First things first – develop strong work ethics

If you want to be good at something and be good in reasonable time span, you can boost it by developing strong work ethics. It is fundamental principle applicable for many skills development. As a software developer, I can assure, software development is no exception.

Strong work ethics means taking your for full attention and energy for doing what you are meant to be doing. If you are working in corporate environment, it means give your 8 hours of work to make best what you can do for that day. Create as much value as possible for your company.

You can be lazy, read news, spend time in social networks, chat with friends online, delay your work. But it is what it is – only delay. Sometimes people say they are resting in this way. Resting is not doing another thing on computer which is not related to your work at all. If you demand break – take a walk, make a cup of tea, switch task, in example, go to say something importat for collegue, write documentation.

Doing your work is a process. Software development is a process. Learning step by step how to get more and more enjoyment from it is the key to reduce some of delay in your work life.

If you want to develop strong skills on software development, firstly, develop strong work ethics.

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