Questions for company hiring you (software developer)

So, you are in quest for finding your new job, company. What to ask for, or more abstractly, what matters most? I say, it’s quite individual per person question, but for matter of fact, we all can relate on some points. Here are some points of what I value, in random order, please share yours questions in comments below.

  • What are character, personality, personal skills requirements  for position?
  • What are technical, platform, technology knowledge requirements for position?
  • What are primary goals for developer in this position in 6 months and more?
  • How often are established private conversations about goals, perspectives, motivation and other important individual questions?
  • Do developers work in silent environment? Are in room only developers?
  • Are working hours flexible or fixed?
  • What are location of the job or can developer work from home?
  • Do developer work on individual projects or in team? If in team, can meet team members? What is size of the team?
  • What are developers workshop?
  • Is any methodologies like Agile Scrum, Kanban or other in use for software development process management?
  • What are future plans, for company, my position, me?
  • Does overtime work is practiced in company? Are overtime hours paid?
  • What are company mission, vision goals?
  • What are companies benefits for developer without specified wage? Pluralsight subscription? Free tickets to IT Conferences? Paid certification?
  • How long takes trail time for developer to become full-time part of the company?
  • What are technologies, tools in use in everyday developer activities?
  • What is wage in netto?
  • What is company point of view, rules, politics for the holidays?
  • Is here anything developer should know before starting this job?

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